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On Thursday, 1 December, the Center for Investigative Journalism launched the media campaign “Journalists for the Elimination of Torture and Protection of Victims of Torture and Ill Treatments” within the Investigative Journalists Club.  The media campaign will take place as part of the project “Strengthening the Forensic Examination of Cases of Torture and Other Forms of Ill Treatment in Moldova,” funded by the European Union and co-funded and implemented by UNDP Moldova.

Through this campaign, we will try to sensitize the public opinion about the violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms, especially of the victims of torture and ill treatments in state institutions and to sensitize the decision-making factors who must take action in order to change the situation and eliminate torture and any other form of degrading treatment to which the citizens detained in state institutions – pretrial detention facilities, psychiatric treatment institutions, penitentiaries, boarding school and others – are or can be subjected. 

The team of the Investigative Journalism Center together with journalists from other media aims to identify the areas or the institutions where torture or other inhuman treatment is applied by seriously violating citizens rights and freedoms and to determine the authorities change their attitude, amend the legislation, if necessary, and hold accountable those guilty of violating human rights and freedoms. Special attention will be paid to the victims of torture and ill treatments, rehabilitation processes but also to investigating those cases in the criminal investigation and law-enforcement bodies.

The journalists will produce a series of investigations that will be provided to the press. At the same time, the cases of torture, from their signaling by the citizens and NGOs to their completion in the law-enforcement bodies will be monitored, as well as the reaction of the bodies authorized to prevent and eliminate any inhuman treatments in the cases signaled by the media. The hottest and public interest topics will be debated upon during the meetings of the Investigative Journalists Club.

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