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 “Journalists for Equal Opportunities and Diversity”

On 19 January, at the meeting of the Investigative Journalists Club, the Center for Investigative Journalism (CIJ) launched the information and awareness-raising campaign “Journalists for Equal Opportunities and Diversity”. The media campaign will unfold under a project supported by the Equality and Civic Engagement Program of Soros Foundation Moldova.

Through this campaign, CIJ aims to contribute to reducing the stigmatization/discrimination by raising public awareness and drawing the attention of decision-making factors to issues related to discrimination by sex, gender, race, age, social status and others. Together with the journalists from different media outlets we will identify the areas and the institutions where the cases of discrimination take place and the categories of citizens that are discriminated and we will make a cycle of press investigations to show the problems in their complexity.  We will start from concrete cases until we denounce a phenomenon. By producing investigations we will try to prevent acts of discrimination, to see how specialized assistance is provided to the victims of discrimination, how the acts of discrimination are investigated, established and sanctioned.

The journalistic investigations, in addition to tackling issues related to the violation of the rights of different categories of discriminated persons, will contain an information box with legal provisions on human rights, the contact information of the structures where the citizens can go to defend their rights but also information to raise awareness and promote non-discrimination for the entire population.

At the Investigative Journalists Club meeting we will discuss public interest subjects related to the phenomenon of discrimination, the need to take measures in view of protecting the rights of the discriminated categories but also to encourage journalists tackle professionally and pay more attention to discrimination-related subjects.

At the same time, we will monitor the reactions of the decision-making factors to discrimination-related issues from the investigations debated upon at the Investigative Journalists Club.

For more details: Natalia Porubin, Cornelia Cozonac 921344, 220844. Email: info@investigatii.md, centrul_de_investigatii@yahoo.com. www.investigatii.md

Center for Investigative Journalism Team


About Soros Foundation Moldova

The Soros Foundation Moldova is a nongovernmental, non-for-profit and apolitical organization established in 1992 by the philanthropist George Soros in view of promoting the values of an open society in Moldova. The foundation contributes to democratizing the society by developing and implementing programs in various areas, such as mass media, cultural policies, judicial reform, good governance, equality and civic engagement, and public health. Contact person: Silvia Ursu, Communication Manager, e-mail: sursu@soros.md. Telephone: 27-00-31.

About the Center for Investigative Journalism

The Center for Investigative Journalism was founded in 2003. Its main activities focus on improving the quality of investigative journalism in Moldova, strengthening the profession of investigative journalists, supporting and encouraging journalists to produce professional investigations as well as on carrying out campaigns for raising the awareness of public opinion and decision-making factors in different problematic areas, making advocacy to change the legislation or to improve certain priority areas. Contact data: tel/fax. 220844, email: centrul_de_investigatii@yahoo.com, info@investigatii.md web: www.investigatii.md

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