Who are the winning candidates in uninominal constituencies Nb.35-51


Following the processing of 100% of the reports, 51 candidates in the uninominal constituencies will accede to the future legislative after the elections are validated. Reporters of the Anticorupţ portal carried out these candidates’ profile, their welfare and the scandals targeting them.

About the winners in the constituencies Nb. 1-17, read here, and about the winners in the constituencies Nb.18-34, read here.

Grigore Repesciuc. Photo:

Constituency Nb.35 – Căușeni: Grigore Repeșciuc, PDM. He is mayor of Causeni town starting with 2011. Initially, he ran as an independent candidate but in June 2014, he joined the Democratic Party in Moldova. In his second mandate, after the local elections in June 2015, he represented the PDM.

Until 2011, he was the Inspector of the Road Police (1986-2004), Head of the Causeni Transport Inspection and Records Department, District Police Commissioner (2007-2008) and zoning Chief of the Department of Emergencies.

In the last elections he was promoted in the campaign together with his wife, under the slogan: "Choose the Repesciuc Family". His wife obtained her third mandate as a town councillor, being an independent candidate. Like her husband-mayor, Aurelia Repesciuc later joined the PDM.

Several city councillors asked the National Integrity Commission (CNI) in the summer of 2016 to decide whether this situation is a conflict of interest.

A former employee reported that Aurelia Repesciuc voted in the council when her husband was directly targeted, and this is contrary to the law. ANI was not active since August 2016 due to the reforming process, so the position in this case has not yet been put forward.

In the summer of 2018, his wife became honorary citizen of the town. The mayor reasoned at the same hearing that he pleads for the idea that all town councillors who have three and more mandates should receive this title.

According to the Moldova Curata portal, in 2017 and 2018, the Town Hall concluded contracts with the company of the mayor’s father in law, Dragoş Camenşcic SRL, in total value of 700,000 lei, for the street lighting and public toilets servicing in the town. At the beginning of 2018, the Town Hall granted another contract to the mayor's wife, Galaxia-Parc, amounting to 130,000 lei, for "recreational services and activities for children".

In the statement on assets and personal interests for the past two years, Grigore Repeciuc reported income of 1.2 million lei of his salary and his wife’s salary, sale of a car, counsellor’s allowance, pension and dividends from his business. Repesciuc has also reported 3 plots, two apartments, a house of 208.6 square meters and a garage. Mayor of Causeni does not indicate the value of real estate. He owns a Toyota car, bought last year with 170,000 lei and a Mercedes.

Alexandru Jolnaci. Photo:

Constituency Nb.36 – Ștefan-Vodă: Alexandru Jolnaci, PSRM. He is district councillor in Ştefan-Voda and leader of the territorial organization. According to the profile of the Campaign For a Clean Parliament, Jolnaci comes from business to politics.

He joined the PSRM in 2014. He served several functions. From 1975 to 1977, he was responsible for the operation of roads. In 1979-1982, he worked at the Tiraspol Bus Station and from 1982 to 2000- at the Chisinau Bus Park.

From 2000 to now, he is a private entrepreneur, director of the Individual Enterprise that bears his name. Also, from 2015 to present, he is the director of Verhovtevo Trans SRL.

According to, during the electoral campaign for the 2014 parliamentary elections, Jolnaci donated 80,500 lei for the 2014 parliamentary election and 58,200 lei- in the 2016 presidential elections.

Jolnaci has indicated for the last two years only 35,000 lei of his salary, his wife's pension, the allowance of councillor and the dividends from the Motor Company No. 4.

The Socialist candidate also reported a house of 89 square meters, 3 other constructions, and a Mercedes, purchased in 2014 with over one million lei.

Petru Frunze. Photo:

Constituency Nb.37 – Răzeni: Petru Frunze, Electoral Block ACUM. He has been mayor of Puhoi village since 2011. In the 2015 elections, he was the only candidate for this seat. Previously he has worked as a lawyer, and currently he is the president of the Ialoveni Territorial Organization of the Action and Solidarity Party. In the parliamentary elections in 2014, Frunze was Nb. 93 on the PLDM lists.

The candidate of the Block ACUM reports for the last two years a salary of over 133,000 lei, 42,000 lei obtained from the sale of a car Mitsubishi Colt, and a child raising allowance of 26,000 lei.

In the statement of assets and interests filed with the CEC, the ACUM candidate included four plots and a 150-square-meter house, which he inherited.

The candidate's family owns a Hyundai Santa Fe car, as well as two other cars purchased in 2014 and 2018 respectively: a Mitsubishi Colt and a Renault Megane.

Petru Frunze declares a half share of Lexprom Plus, founded by him and specialised in leisure activities.

Alexandru Botnari. Photo:

Constituency Nb.38 – Hâncești: Alexandru Botnari, PDM. He is the mayor of Hancesti town since 2003 and vice-president of the Democratic Party.

Between 2003 and 2009, he was an independent candidate, after which he joined the Democratic Party in Moldova. In the statements on property, the mayor of Hincesti reports debts.

According to his statements on property, posted on the website of the National Integrity Authority, he contracted a series of credits: in 2006 - 450,000 lei, to be paid by 2021; in 2011 - 400,000 lei, to be paid by 2031 and in 2012 - 100,000 lei, to be paid by 2014. The latter was paid in 2017.

The Court of Accounts found in 2011, according to the Moldova Curata portal, that mayor Botnari has borrowed a second-class luxury car, Audi Q7, from a municipal enterprise for territory arrangement, at the price of 450,000 lei.

According to an investigation conducted by the Moldova Curata portal, the company of mayor of Hancesti, Petrocub & CO SRL received contracts worth about 2.5 million lei at state tenders.

Mayor of Hancesti made himself conspicuous in the public space. He named a street after his mother-in-law, Nadejda Odobescu. Another street in the town was named after the mayor's father, Chiril Botnari.

Also, the democratic deputy chairman signed a provision granting the title of Honorary Citizen of Hânceşti to the controversial character Grigori Kotovski, reads an article published by Jurnal de Chisinau.

For 2017-2018, Botnari reported an income of 321,000 lei from his salary and his wife’ s salary. He also introduced in the statement on property a 106.1 square meter house with a construction.

Ghenadie Buza. Photo:

Constituency Nb.39 – Sărata Galbenă: Ghenadie Buza, PDM. He is a physician-surgeon and he has worked in Hânceşti District Hospital. Initially, he was involved in the policy of PCRM, being a town councillor, and from 2010 he acceded the District Council as a representative of the Democratic Party (PDM).

He was elected president of Hancesti district on 17 July 2015. His candidacy was voted by the district councillors of the PDM, PL and of the "PPEM - Iurie Leanca" Bloc, who announced that he had formed a coalition, as well as by three representatives of PCRM and PSRM.

Altogether, Buza obtained 21 votes out of 35. When the district president was voted, the Liberal Democratic councillors of the Hincesti district council said that the negotiations were replaced "blackmail and buying methods" and refused to participate in the voting procedure.

In July 2018, the MP Cobzac from Hancesti district, accused Ghenadie Buza, in a text published on the portal, that he would participate in a scheme of recruiting mayors from district to join PDM.

In the statement of assets and interests submitted by Ghenadie Buza to the Central Electoral Commission, the candidate indicates that, together with his wife, in the period 2017-2018, he earned 746,000 lei of his salary and his wife’s salary. He also benefited from an allowance worth 24.2 thousand lei from the Territorial Social Insurance House, as well as "material aid" amounting to 20.000 lei from the Hancesti District Council. Pension amounted at 26,000 lei and 50,000 lei from a car sale went into the family budget.

Dumitru Diacov. Photo:

Constituency Nb.40 – Cimișlia: Dumitru Diacov, PDM. He is the politician with the longest activity in politics- 24 years.

According to the profile of the Campaign For a Clean Parliament, in 1993, after Moldova became independent, Diacov was head of the Political Department at the Embassy of the Republic of Moldova in the Russian Federation for a short period of time. In 1994 he was elected MP on behalf of the Moldovan Democratic Agrarian Party, and in 1995 became deputy chairman of the Parliament.

In 1997, Diacov created the "Movement for a Democratic and Prosperous Moldova" (MpMDP), based on which, before the legislative elections in March 1998, the Electoral Block "For a Democratic and Prosperous Moldova", led by Dumitru Diacov, was also formed.

In April 2000, MpMDP was reorganized into the Democratic Party of Moldova (PDM), with Dumitru Diacov re-elected as president. In the April 5, 2009 elections, his party did not get a mandate. A few months later, Diacov ceded the seat of party chairman to Marian Lupu, who had just left the Communists, and in the early parliamentary elections of 29 July 2009, he became for the fourth time a deputy.

He also held the seat of MP after early parliamentary elections in November 2010. Diacov has kept his mandate of MP after the parliamentary elections from November 2014. At present, Dumitru Diacov is PDM honorary chairman and vice-president of the PDM faction in Parliament.

The newspaper Ziarul de Garda revealed several times about the real estate and the businesses of the two daughters of the Diacov family. According to the statement on wealth and interests for the past two years, Diacov earned in 2017-2018, incomes of 763,000 lei, 4,500 euros and 287,000 rubles from salary, indemnity, pensions, interest, renting of a space and of an apartment.

Also, Diacov reported a rural plot, an inherited apartment, a 106.1 square meter house with a garage, obtained by donation in 2005. The Democrat owns a BMW, whose price he did not report and since 2010 he drives a Mercedes by proxy. Diacov has over half of million lei in the bank account.

Efrosinia Grețu. Photo:

Constituency Nb.41 – Leova: Efrosinia Grețu, PDM. For 30 years, she was director of the Students' Creation Center in Leova district.

From 2003 to 2007, she served as president of the Trade Unions Education Council of the Leova District Council, then four years later, she was appointed deputy chairperson of Leova district. In 2011 to 2015, she headed the Leova district, being elected by the PDM.

Greţu is the chairperson of the Leova Territorial Organization of the Democratic Liberal Party (PDM), according to the profile of the Campaign For a Clean Parliament.

In the period when she headed Leova district, Gretu was in the attention of the former National Integrity Commission (NIC).

The report of the Court of Auditors made public in 2014 targets both the leadership of the then Leova district and the local government in the district that are accused of public money mismanagement.

"The measures taken by the public authorities in Leova district in the field of financial management did not meet the rigors of legality and regularity regarding the management of public funds, and some deviations and irregularities were admitted. It reveals a series of institutional weaknesses and inadequate concern of responsible and decision-makers within the local public authorities in anticipating and mitigating the effects of irregularities and indiscipline in managing public resources and funds", reads the CCRM judgment. In front of CCRM members, Efrosinia Gretu admitted that that audit was very useful.

Efrosinia Grecu has also been a member of the Parliament. In the parliamentary elections from November 30, 2014, she was No.20 in the PDM list, but she did not accede the Legislative. In the statement on assets and personal interests filed with the Central Electoral Commission for 2017 and 2018, she reported an income of about 44,000 lei from training activities at the “Phoenix International Collaboration and Development Center”.

The candidate is also a PDM district councillor, and she received over six thousand lei of indemnities from this activity. Greţu also benefited from over 166,000 lei, money from the old-age pension and over 31,000 lei interest from bank deposits. According to the wealth declaration, the PDM family owns three farming plots and one urban plot, a house and an apartment, and 250,000 lei in the bank account.

Elena Bacalu. Photo:

Constituency Nb.42 – Cantemir: Elena Bacalu, PDM. She is MP in the Parliament. She was deputy-chairperson for social issues in Cahul district.

Bacalu is among the 74 deputies who voted for the electoral system change. In the 2017-2018 statement on property submitted to the CEC, she reported income of 967,000 lei of her salary and her husband’s salary, employed by the South Customs Bureau, from pensions and a commercial space lease.

The document also includes nine plots, an apartment of 55.5 square meters, a 120.3 square-meter house inherited in 2007, as well as a commercial space that the MP obtained in 2016 by a decision of the District Council.

She also reported a BMW car worth 50,000 lei, produced in 2003, which she obtained in 2007 after a car exchange. Another car, Mercedes, produced in 2010, became the property of the Bacalu family in a car exchange in 2014. The car price is 100,000 lei.

Ion Groza. Photo: Gazeta de Sud

Constituency Nb.43 – Cahul: Ion Groza, independent. He is president of Cahul district. He was elected in the summer of 2015 on the lists of the Liberal Democratic Party. In August 2016, Groza, along with the entire team of mayors and district councillors, quitted the party and became independent.

He has been involved in several conflicts of interest. In the statement on property for the last 2 years, Groza reported earnings of 401,000 lei from his salary and his wife’s salary and from allowance.

He reported two plots and a Volvo car, worth 75,000 lei, as well as 2 houses with a surface area of 110 and 78.9 square meters respectively.

Chiril Tatarlî. Photo:

Constituency Nb.44 – Taraclia: Chiril Tatarlî, PSRM. He is the president of the Taraclia district. He was born in 1952, he is agronomist. He is the leader of the PSRM in Taraclia.

An article on Moldova Curata portal from December 2015 revealed that one of his sons, Alexandru, is a district councillor, elected on the lists of the party headed by his father in the district. Chiril Tatarlî said that his son did not vote for him when his candidacy for the position of district president was discussed.

In an investigation carried out in November 2016 by the Center of Investigative Journalism, Taraclia chairman Chiril Tatarlî donated 52,800 lei to Igor Dodon's election campaign for the presidential elections, which is three quarters of his revenues last year.

In the statement on assets and interests filed with the CEC, he reported an income of 652,000 lei and 138,000 rubles for the last two years of his salary and his wife’s salary, pensions, and interests.

The family owns two rural plots, a house with a surface of 124 square meters and two other constructions. The family also owns two cars whose prices are not indicated. Tatarlî owns two bank accounts - one of 21,000 euros and the second one of 343,000 lei.

Alexandr Suhodolski. Photo:

Constituency Nb.45 – Comrat: Alexandr Suhodolski, PSRM. He is Vice-President of the People's Assembly of Gagauzia. In 2011 - 2014, he worked at the Gagauz-Gaz SRL, Comrat-Gaz subsidiary.

He was the leader of the "Tineretul Gagauziei" Public Association. From 2015 to 2017, he was deputy mayor of Comrat, and since January 2017 he is vice-president of the People's Assembly in UTA Gagauz-Yeri.

In the past years, Suhodolski and his wife made several donations to the Socialist Party. In 2015, Alexandr Suhodolski's wife made a 20,000-dollar donation to the PSRM budget, that is, one-third of the family's official budget for the previous year.

A year later, 13,860 lei owned by the vice-president of the People's Assembly of Gagauzia were donated to the party. This was also written in an investigation carried out by the Center of Investigative Journalism.

In the first quarter of 2018, Suhodolski donated 13,000 lei to the party. In 2016, he donated 52,600 lei to Igor Dodon during the campaign for presidential elections. More details about Alexandr Suhodolski's past, read here.

The statement on assets and interests submitted to the CEC shows that in 2017 -2018 he received salary of about 289,000 lei. His wife received a salary of over 58,000 lei.

The PSRM candidate reported a 1999 Mercedes E220 CDi, acquired in 2016, which he drives based on a translative contract of ownership and use. In the statement on property and personal interests for 2017-2018, Suhodolski did not report any house.

Fiodor Gagauz. Photo: Gagauz Media

Constituency Nb.46 – Ceadîr-Lunga: Fiodor Gagauz, PSRM. He was MP in the PSRM faction. Starting with December 1999, he has held the post of President of the “Edinaia Gagauzia” / “Gagauzia Unita” Public Movement and, simultaneously, from 1999-2002, head of the Interior Affairs Department of Gagauz Autonomy.

Although the "Edinaia Gagauzia" / "Gagauzia Unita" movement is a public one, it has been involved in political actions over several years. Thus, the movement played an important role in organizing the illegal referendum of 2 February 2014, "for the external self-determination of the inhabitants of the Gagauz region" and "the external development vector of the Republic of Moldova", an action that was criticized by experts.

Moreover, Fiodor Gagauz dealt with the "conceptual assurance and organizational training" of this alleged referendum. Although he fervently pleads for unification with Russia, Fiodor Gagauz has property in the European Union, a 45-square-meter apartment in the city of Burgas in Bulgaria. More details about Fiodor Gagauz, read here.

According to the statement on assets submitted to the CEC, Gagauz reported a salary of 312,000 lei for two years, another 133,000 lei from allowances, 40,000 lei of his wife's pension, and 110,000 lei from the sale of a Toyota Prado car.

The Socialist also reported a farming plot and two rural plots. He owns a house of 136.9 square meters and three apartments. The first one has 101.2 square meters and was purchased in 2006 with 566.000 lei, the second apartment with a surface of 45.3 square meters, was bought a year later with 22.655 euros, and the third, the largest one of 133.3 square meters, valued at 820.000 lei was bought in 2008. Although he does not report any cars, the socialist has indicated in the statements on property, shares in two garages of 18 square meters.

Alexandr Oleinic. Photo:

Constituency Nb.47 – Camenca, Râbnița, Dubăsari and Grigoriopol: Alexandr Oleinic, independent candidate. He was deputy in the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova in the period 2001-2009, on the lists of the Democratic Moldova Electoral Block Party.

Later, for two years, he was Minister of Information Technology and Communications of the Republic of Moldova. Since November 2012 he is the President of the People's Party of Moldova, registered in April 2011. At present, he is the chairman of Millennium-Group Consultative Board.

He was deputy in the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova in the period 2001-2009, on the lists of the Democratic Moldova Block Party.

In the statement on assets and interests for 2017-2018, filed with the CEC, the candidate indicated an income of 95,000 lei from his salary and his wife’s salary. He received an apartment of 108.3 square meters worth 725.000 lei as a donation and another 400.000 lei from an apartment.

Oleinic family owns a plot of 106 hectares valued at 976,000 lei. In addition to the apartment received as a donation, Oleinic family owns five houses, a villa of 189.5 square meters and 4 constructions. The value of just one house of 254.3 square meters - 1.5 million lei is indicated. The candidate owns two cars, worth 400,000 lei.

Viorel Melnic. Photo:

Constituency Nb.48 – Slobozia, Tiraspol and Bender: Viorel Melnic, independent candidate. He is university professor at the Agrarian University of Moldova. In 2006 he became Deputy Minister of Economy, and in 2008-2009 he was Head of the Customs Service of the Republic of Moldova.

By 2015, he was part of the Socialist Party, led by Igor Dodon. At the beginning of 2016, Melnic was appointed as public councillor for economic issues of the mayor Ilan Shor.

Former Director of the Customs Service was expelled from the Socialist Party after Igor Dodon learned about Melnic's involvement in fraudulent schemes at Banca de Economii, Banca Sociala and Unibank.

The portal wrote that Melnic was chairman of Unibank's Board of Directors. His name also appeared in the Kroll report, which investigates theft of the billion in the Moldovan banking system.

According to the statement submitted to the CEC, Melnic earned over 126,000 lei of salary from the university. He received two million lei - dividends from SRL Activ Broker, with 100% of the social capital. Melnic says he owns two plots, a 92-square-meter apartment and a Mercedes manufactured in 2016, which he bought in 2017 with 590,000 lei. Melnic reported Unibank's share of 4.61%.

Gheorghii Para. Photo:

Constituency Nb.49 – la Est de Republica Moldova: Gheorghii Para, PSRM. He is a professor, manager and president of the Builders’ Trade Unions in Sankt-Petersburg, Russia.

He has higher education and is a PhD in Pedagogy. In 1977 he graduated the Sports Institute " П.Ф. Лесгафта" in Sankt-Petersburg, and in 2006 - the State Institute for Services and Economics in the same city.

In 1989, he was elected president of the trade unions’ construction committee no. 18 in Sankt-Petersburg. Starting with February 2000, he has served as Vice-President and starting with April 2001, he was President of the Trade Unions Territorial Organization in Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad.

He holds the title of Honorary Builder of Russia and a veteran of labour, shows the profile of the Campaign for A Clean Parliament.

In the statement of assets and personal interests for the past two years, filed with the CEC, Gheorghii Para reported several incomes and properties. Thus, he received 1.6 million roubles (439,000 lei) from the seat of chairman of the Builders’ Trade Union in Sankt-Petersburg. He received 600,000 rubles, (156,000 lei) from the State University of Architecture and Construction in Sankt-Peterburg.

Para also benefits from a pension, he earned 600,000 rubles (156,000 lei) for the past 2 years. The candidate owns a 50 square meter apartment purchased in 2018 at the price of 5.8 million rubles (1.6 million lei). Para also owns one third of an apartment of 60 square meters, acquired in 1982. In addition, the candidate owns a 1.2 hectare plot, acquired in 2017 and estimated at 11 million rubles (2.8 million lei).

Maia Sandu. Photo:

Constituency Nb.50 – la Vest de Republica Moldova: Maia Sandu, Electoral Block ACUM. After she graduated from the Academy of Economic Studies in 1994, she worked as consultant at the General Division for Macroeconomic Policies and Development Programs.

Subsequently, she became deputy head of this Division. In 1995, while she was employed at Ministry of Economy, Sandu studied at the Academy for Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Moldova.

According to the profile made by the reporters of Moldova Curata portal, from 1998 until 2005, Sandu has worked as economist at the World Bank Office in Moldova. In 2005-2006, she was Director of the General Division for Macroeconomic Policies and Development Programs. Ministry of Economy that was headed by Valeriu Lazar.

After she quitted the Ministry, she worked as program coordinator at the United Nations Development Program in Moldova and in 2007–2009 — consultant on the central public administration reform.

In 2009–2010, she studied at Harvard Kennedy School of Government, MA in public administration. In 2010–2012 — she was Adviser to the Executive director, World Bank, Washington DC, SUA, In 2012, she was appointed by the Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova as Minister of Education.

Maia Sandu was a member of the Government headed by Filat, Leanca and Gaburici, all formed by PLDM. In July 2015, Maia Sandu was designated by PLDM as a candidate for the seat of prime minister, but the Liberal Party and the Democratic Party refused to discuss her candidacy. In December 2015, Sandu founded PAS alongside several members of her team with whom she worked at the Ministry of Education.

Maia Sandu showed in the statement on property filed with the Central Electoral Commission that she did not receive any salary in the last two years. She reported 500 RON (about 2000 lei) after she attended a conference in Bucharest and 538-dollar interest from an American bank, where she keeps 38.2 thousand USD. Sandu reported the same car, a Toyota RAV 4, and an apartment in the Buiucani sector.

Dumitru Alaiba. Photo:

Constituency Nb.51 – US and Canada - Dumitru Alaiba, Electoral Block ACUM. He is economist by profession and director at the Center for Policy and Structural Reforms.

According to the CV published on the CEC page, he worked as international project coordinator abroad for 5 years. Since 2017 he is the co-founder of two businesses - a co-working space and a restaurant / bar.

In 2013 - 2016, he was a member of the Economic Council subordinated to the Prime Minister, Head of the Secretariat to the Economic Council of the Prime Minister (EBRD project). Previously, in 2009 -2013, he was deputy head of Division at State Chancellery.

In the statement submitted to the CEC, Alaiba indicated a salary of over 320,000 lei from the centre he owns and his wife’s salary of 37,000 euros.

The statement also includes the amounts of several consulting contracts for international institutions. The applicant also declares a rural plot of over 900 square meters with the value of 30,000 euros. He reports three apartments, two of which were purchased in the same year, 2016, and a 48-square-meter house. Alaiba owns a Volvo S 60 car, 2011, purchased in 2012 for 10,000 euros.

This article was written in the framework of the project “Promoting an informed and conscious vote in the parliamentary elections through a monitoring and information campaign "For a Clean Parliament 2018", implemented by ADEPT, API, CAPC and CIJM with the financial support of the Soros Foundation Moldova / Good Governance Department. The activities undertaken within the project are the responsibility of the implementers and do not necessarily reflect the official views of the Soros-Moldova Foundation.